An innovative partner, shared vision

Pininfarina takes its bow in Argentina with the announcement of a partnership with the real estate development company Desarrollo Mor. The purpose of the cooperation agreement between the two companies is to develop an ambitious infrastructure project, the Tifon Water Planet, an architectural complex of new conception to provide marine services for boating enthusiasts.

External architecture and interior design

The Tifon Water Planet, for which Pininfarina will be authoring the external architecture and interior design, proposes innovative architectural solutions for garaging boats and providing specific services such as mechanical repairs and maintenance. Customers will then be able to complete their experience in comfort zones such as the restaurant area and bar, the marine centre and the shopping area. Pininfarina design will be a further factor in making this an outstanding project, lending exclusiveness to the experience of customers using the Tifon Water Planet.  

A history of success


Thanks to successes like the new Juventus Stadium in Turin, which won the “Stadium Innovation Award”, the Keating boutique Hotel in San Diego, which was judged “Best Luxury City Hotel”, to mention just the most recent, Pininfarina has today made its name as one of the most prestigious international griffes in interior design. The recent partnership with Related Group for the building of a luxury condo, the Millecento in Miami, is proof that the brand has now made a significant breakthrough in residential architecture also.

Marine sector,
a deep


“The Tifon Water Planet is highly innovative from both the conceptual and project standpoints. It is a particularly appealing challenge for our team because it gives them the opportunity to apply their lengthy experience of the marine sector and their in-depth knowledge of marine dynamics to an architectural project, an area in which Pininfarina is achieving significant results”.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group



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