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On January 30, debuted in occasion of the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, “Special Cars by Pininfarina”, the first collection earmarked for fans of Pininfarina’s masterpieces. 12 1:43 scale car models to relive the excitement and passion of more than 80 years of history that have given light to innumerable icons of design.

The Collection will include the Cisitalia 202 of 1947, the Lancia Aurelia coupé PF200 of 1952, the Lancia Aurelia cabrio PF 200 of 1954, the Lancia Florida II of 1957, the Sigma Grand Prix of 1969, the Modulo of 1970, the Ethos of 1992, the Enjoy of 2003, the Birdcage 75th of 2005,the Sintesi of 2008, the 2uettottanta of 2010 and the Cambiano of 2012. The Cambiano and the 2uettottanta are already available on sale in the best car models shops and will be soon available also on the Pininfarina on-line store.


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True connoisseurs recognises, model after model, how the Pininfarina Line has evolved through the decades, expressing itself with equal impact in production cars as in concepts or in unique one-offs, while always maintaining those features of elegance and sportiness that have made Pininfarina style unmistakable. A world of masterpieces that have written the story of car design, endorsed by international awards and part of the dreams of many generations.

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CISITALIA 202 (1947)
The Founder’s masterpiece with highly innovative design solutions that presaged the architecture of sports cars in the decades ahead.

LANCIA COUPE PF 200 (1952)
The coupé version of the futuristic spider presented at the 1952 Turin Motor Show was inspired by jet age aerodynamic research.

Another body derived from the PF 200 was built in a one-off for the US record producer Norman Granz.

Unique one-off of the Lancia Flaminia coupé and the Founder’s personal car from 1957 to 1966 is part of the Pininfarina Collection.

This Formula 1 single-seater project in which ‘Sigma’ stands for safety was developed in cooperation with Ferrari and with the Swiss magazine Automobile Revue and presented at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show.

MODULO (1970)
An extreme sports car, icon of the most radical car design at the beginning of the Seventies, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

ETHOS (1992)
A two-seater barchetta of softly aggressive forms, the car features advanced environmental solutions.

ENJOY (2003)
A revisiting of the 2-seater barchetta in a sporty vein. Presented at Geneva in 2003 with a 1800 cc 4-cylinder Lotus engine, it won the “Most Fun” prize from the American magazine Auto Week.

With its extraordinarily fluid, dynamically essential design, this model represents a return to the historic tradition of extreme sports prototypes.

SINTESI (2008)
This concept car presented at the Geneva Show is a combination of sportiness and functionality. Is characterised by highly innovative architecture, precursor of later research on electric cars.

The car finds its inspiration in one of the longest alliances (three generations) in the history of the motor car which has produced the legendary Giulietta Spider and Duetto up to the most recent spiders.

An expression of the new Pininfarina, the Cambiano embraces all the company’s competencies in terms of design style and research into sustainable mobility.



A “Special” event: the Pininfarina fans day


"To make the experience even more complete I have decided to invite the first ten  collectors who complete the set of 12 models to a special event: the Pininfarina fan day. On that  occasion we will open the company doors so that the collectors can get to know our world, our history, our cars, products and the men who have made our name great, from close at hand”.
Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group.

The history, the cars and the men who have made our name great


“To create an exclusive collection of our most beautiful cars is a dream I have long cultivated. I have personally chosen the models that now form part of the ‘Special Cars by Pininfarina’ collection to give to car fans like myself the chance to live the Pininfarina legend to the full”.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group



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