Refinement. Rigor. Technology.


Idea 40  is a charming combination of design, efficiency and superb materials, an uncompromised balance of shape and technology.
A kitchen expression of austerity, simplicity and aesthetic purism. A minimalism  "smoothened" by using materials and surface treatments which communicate emotions and visual sensations.


The freshness of the modern. The elegance of the classic.


Elegance and clear contrasts in volumes, materials and colors still persist as basic features of the project. They convey that sense of long-lasting solidity and the idea of a simple, yet distinguished and contemporary style.
Light plays an important role in this project: technological, functional, hidden although always available, it can also be provided in the upper shelf framing the kitchen.

With Idea 40, Snaidero reinvigorates the high glossy metallized lacquers. This technology was first developed in Snaidero in the 90's, thanks to the collaboration with the Pininfarina Group, which took it from the automobile sector. In Idea 40, this manufacturing process is further improved by using a metallized varnish enriched with very thin metal flakes which contribute to the highly precious, yet discreet, surface beauty.

The use of bicolor, in its "black&white" effect, matches perfectly with the other outstanding element: the lowered area of the worktop, on both the wall lay-out and the central island: the latter features a basin to contain aromatic herbs.

• Door with 45° beveled edge matching and combining the worktop's profile. The channel (titanium-finish), recess-fitted on the carcasse, runs through the kitchen.

• LED continuous bars integrated in the boiserie and under the wall units provide a perfect lighting to the work areas.

• The island hood has a strong furnishing impact. Integrated in a door-finish shelf, it features a perimeter aspiration and two led bars on each side, which light the work area.

• Available in all the lacquered, micalized, metalized, wood and laminate finishes.

Rivisitation of an innovative classic: the first handle-free kitchen.









Reinterpreting a classic with a rational and contemporary approach, combining rigor and elegance to reach a design quality that provides timeless experiences. This has been the ambitious challenge Snaidero taken up with Pininfarina by with the restyling of model IDEA, the first example of handle-free kitchen. Born in 1972, Idea immediately stands out as an elegant design, thanks to its clean lines and the balance of volumes and plays of softly delicate features.

In the year 2000 Snaidero asked Pininfarina to proceed with the first restyling:  the project won the Chicago Design Atheneum Good Design Award.

In 2012 the new interpretation 40 years after the first version.

A historic collaboration


After the success of the previous models designed by Pininfarina this ambitious project renew the collaboration with Snaidero oriented to the continuous search of innovative technical solutions.



Pininfarina Extra
Cambiano (Turin)


Viale Rino Snaidero, 15
33030 Majano (Udine)


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