The simplicity of form


"Francesca" is a lighting device devised and designed to adapt easily to different urban and architectural contexts: streets and avenues, squares, shopping centres, stations and airports. It has a simple, essential design and sleek, light lines.


High performance lighting


The Pininfarina designers have created an urban device that blends lighting and aesthetics perfectly. This model incorporates the µr (micro-reflector) system developed by Schréder, based on a miniature reflector that provides excellent photometric performance. The use of this new technology made it possible to reduce the size of the reflector, leaving greater creative freedom to the Pininfarina designers, who achieved a very elegant result.


"Francesca" comprises a curved aluminium element with an optical compartment incorporated into the upper part of the stem. The base of the pole, where the electrical auxiliary components are housed, has a cast aluminium cover that is elegantly finished. The optical compartment is incorporated into the stem and closed with a transparent cover to create a single lighting system. The position of the lamp adjusts to optimise the visual comfort.

Practicality and versatility


"Francesca" was developed by Pininfarina and previewed at the Intel Fair in Milan. The innovative technological solutions adopted in the lighting field have paved the way for new stylistic solutions for the urban landscape.

A technological partnership


Schréder and Pininfarina have combined their experience to develop an exceptional project. Francesca is the product of collaboration between a world leader in the lighting field and an internationally renowned designer.



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