The Beast is the new Prinoth snow groomer, which has been designed by Pininfarina; it is the largest and most efficient ever on the market thanks to its unique working width (7.10 metres), unbeatable grooming speed, optimal power transmission and the new Prinoth Master Blade. 


The Prinoth Beast, which was also engineered by Pininfarina, reveals its true character in its styling and practicality, as well as its exceptional technology: on one side, the dynamic lines and sporty looks, and on the other, a driver’s cab that combines elegance, ergonomics and high technology in a working environment that is comfortable, well organised and sound-proofed, enhanced by exclusive materials that combine lightness and durability.

The outfitting of the cab was a particular challenge, as it was necessary to study a system that allowed the driver’s seat to be positioned to the left or centre of the cab, and to review the operating concept: the driver’s right hand covers the control unit while he steers the vehicle with his left hand. 

The Beast is the latest technological and styling jewel to emerge from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Prinoth. This highly successful working group has already generated fruitful creativity between the two companies in the past, giving us the Everest, Bison and Leitwolf models.

This project allowed Pininfarina to conceive the idea of a snow groomer that is not just a tool, but a vehicle capable of climbing mountains with class, moving in perfect harmony with the environment in which it operates, thanks to its many functions and surprising qualities.

“Prinoth asked us to create something unique for its snow groomer range, that could combine today’s design with that of the future. Our creative effort went into the creation of shapes and volumes that could enhance the performance of the most efficient and largest vehicle in its class. By applying our experience in the design of means of transport, not only cars but also aircraft, boats and rolling stock, we have also created the perfect workplace for drivers of the Beast.”


Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina group


Centro Stile e Ingegneria di Pininfarina

Cambiano (Turin)


Brennerstraße 34
I-39049 Sterzing (BZ)