Fruity essences that give wellness

Fragrances talking about luxury, research, lifestyle, unique formulas transforming the emotion of wearing a perfume.

An olfactory harmony created by the famous perfumer Mansfield for the first line of fragrances Pininfarina.

World debut at PittiFragranze for Lumina - perfume for ladies – and Segno – perfume for men, absolute novelties Fall-Winter 2015 consecrating the Italian design house in the beauty sector.


Floral notes and woody aromas

The Pininfarina world, its passion for elegance and beauty, the continuous search of innovative solutions, the ability to interpret the Italian Style giving life to timeless icons, are the elements inspiring the new line of fragrances.

The line debuts in the spray format 100 ml Eau de Parfum in the versions for men and for women:

Segno – imagined for the modern gentleman – has a very particular olfactory pyramid whose ingredients, apparently sweet and feminine, are combined in an original mix giving life to a very fresh and masculine fragrance. The floral notes of the rose, of the bergamot and of the jasmine combine with one another with the fruity ones of the pineapple, of the blackcurrant and of the apple to be tempered in the ones more woody of the birch and of the musk.

Lumina – conceived for the refined woman – is a fragrance characterized by a feminine mark, strong and determined as the modern woman that inspired the perfume.The spicy and woody notes of the cedar wood, of the patchouli and of the benzoin are tempered by the ones more sweet and floral of the neroli, of the gardenia and of the iris.



The first olfactory project that takes care of you

The long Pininfarina tradition of the innovation is entirely expressed in Segno and Lumina: for the first time in a fragrance, the ozonides, molecules of synthesis of the ozone, till now only used in the cosmetic products for their anti-age activity, are used for the first time in a fragrance. Reactivating the ionic potential of the cells of the altered tissues, these ozone-derivatives oxygenate and make the skin soft and shiny. In this way the olfactory features are enriched by precious elements for the skin combining fragrance and wellness.

The Pininfarina character emerges strongly also in the bottle and in the packaging of the fragrances. The design of the bottle takes inspiration from the shapes of the human body, made of fragile and precious matter. The chromed metal shoulders have the function of dressing and, at the same time, protecting the shell. The tense and fast lines make the bottle elegant and alive, a dynamic body as the human one. To glorify the bottle is instead the goal of the bottle. Precious in its oval shape, it is composed of a base with a display function and a protective superior part. The material used, brilliant with shiny reflexes, communicates the innovative content of the ozonides.

Each new challenge begins with a passion

“To create a perfume, as a designer, is an exciting challenge: it means to give shape to what is ethereal for definition, the air. Segno and Lumina are accomplished expression of the Italian Style, of a refined taste, modern, reach of contents.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group

"Passion, the continuous research and the high value of our “made in Italy” are enclosed in the creation of this project that has the ambition of affirming those emotions that only “Pure Beauty” can raise.”

Massimo Scalella, CEO Mansfield


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