An ambitious 87-acre luxury mixed-use vacation village is in the works featuring five clusters of two towers – ten towers in total - with outdoor terraces offering expansive site views with resort amenities, curated boutique shops and sidewalk cafes; that will host seasonal art shows and events. Orlando-based Magic Development, LLC will start work on the infrastructure this July on the first phase of its colossal development; Magic Place by Pininfarina. The development is facing a lake that is going to showcase an electrical boat system that connects the retail side to the residential, proposing a fun ride to residents and visitors, making it easier to explore all different ambient.

Pininfarina shapes the land playing with different heights with an Italian-inspired landscape, considering different angles and elevation, and organizing the residential structures around squares inspired by the Italian Piazza, preserving privacy but also allowing breathtaking views of the lake. It’s evident in the overall design of the area the Italian ability to blend the architecture with the natural environment making them smoothly coexist.

The shapes of the buildings, in fact, take inspiration from the soft profiles of the Italian hilly landscape, melting harmoniously with it. Pininfarina has pledged to bring high-end elegance to this Magic development. The renderings reflect the first phase of the overall development that at buildout, it will include 250,000 square feet of retail and a total of 1,850 units that will be a mix of residential, condo and fractional units as well as nightly rental hotel rooms, which will have about $1.7 billion in cost.

Design blended in Art


Magic Place by Pininfarina has been designed as an intelligent way of discovering beauty and an affluent personality to each structure; crafting an European lifestyle in Orlando, FL through its exclusive boutique retail and a sophisticated approach not only on the design, but the users’ surroundings involvement always making sure the areas are designed to deliver a satisfying experience, enriched by Art, pop-up events, trendy café shops and much more.

An engaging User Experience

The partnership between Magic Development and Pininfarina is a marriage of visions. A deeply researched balance between the Italian Design House most recognizable features, spanning from elegant aesthetics to innovative functionalities and the sophisticated lifestyle that Magic Development aspires to provide. "The team is committed to deliver a project which fosters a transformative experience for its customers, at the same time enhancing Orlando global recognition as a sophisticated hospitality destination" says Matteo De Lise, Managing Director of Pininfarina of America

Matteo De Lise, Rodrigo Cunha and Luis Cinelli from Magic Development, and Mr. Paolo Pininfarina at the Magic Place Media Launch in Miami


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