Between the sky and the sea a yacht without borders

Ottantacinque by Pininfarina is the first fruit of the partnership with Fincantieri Yachts, where two kinds of excellence come together to produce the fullest flowering of Italian creativity, luxury, technology and workmanship, able to guarantee a unique lifestyle on board.The result, in the finest Pininfarina tradition, is a statuesque floating residence with elegant, dynamic surfaces, where style marries function, aerodynamics, ergonomics andon-board comfort. And every detail has been designed to harmonise with the vessel’s aesthetic theme.



Space for space,unsurpassable sea views

Twin pools, raised almost flush with the side bulwark, and an elevated sun bed offer uninterrupted views of the sea from the main deck. With the adjustable bottom, the water depth can be varied and even reduced to zero to create a large open platform spanning over 160 m2  as a lifestyle amenity.

A generous stern areathe eye roams out to the horizon
Lower deck accommodates an imaginative beach club of almost 170 m2 connected to the lower-deck spa area. The twin pools’ glass walls let light suffuse through the water to the spa. At night, the effect is magical: the pools become sources of luminescence, enlivening the main deck and bathing the beach club and spa with lustre.

By day and by night,the Owner’s deck is a unique stage
At the stern, the Owner’s deck offers a spacious, configurable veranda by day with a sun bed and tables that become a lounge. The luxurious infinity pool is the perfect spot for gazing unhurriedly over the sea. The bow features a generous private veranda for the Owner with dining area, lounge and a Jacuzziwith an ample integrated sun pad. The bridge deck incorporates a helipad with direct access to the lobby via the central lift and stairs connecting the yacht’s various decks. Moving from one deck to another provides an extra sensory experience: the lift and the spiral staircase linking the different decks are naturally lit by a skylight on the roof deck that creates an enchanting play of light.

In the forms of the interiors,functionality fuses with style
The main lounge on the main deck is an ample and extremely versatile loft with a wide range of uses: as a dining room, piano bar, living room or cinema. The ceiling openings communicate with the Owner’s lounge and the upper deck, exploiting the light from the stern windows and lending a feeling of real spaciousness. At the stern, the lower deck is home to one of the yacht’s many areas for relaxation and entertainment in mutual privacy. When the transom door and the side platforms open down over the sea, this imaginative beach club expands to more than 170 m2 with every available comfort, including a bar, sunbathing area and diving station. Courtesy of the stairs up to the main deck and the windows in the pool sides, light filters through the water and illuminates the beach bar in an exquisite play of rippled reflections.




85 meters of luxury, technology and beauty

“A custom-built model of the sea, in line with Pininfarina’s natural vocation in creating exclusive projects, combining tradition with innovative solutions. This is how our design team conceived the collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts. The result is a sculptural floating home with elegant and dynamic areas, where style meets function, aerodynamics, on board comfort, ergonomics. Every detail is designed to harmonize with the aesthetic theme of the yacht”.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group

“We already are among one of the few mega-yacht builders managing all the business activities, from sales to the product life cycle. Now, thanks to this stunning project, resulting from the partnership with Pininfarina, not only we enhance our position in the sector with the highest industrial level collaboration, but also we are a Italian real point of reference in a market that, as all luxury niches, highly demands the capacities and taste of our country”.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri


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