Italian design and emotions

Pininfarina enters the spectacles market with De Rigo Vision, and together they now offer the press a preview of Lozza by Pininfarina, an innovative capsule collection with 100% Italian design, and a mark of Italian excellence.


Dynamic and sporty lines

In Lozza by Pininfarina the heritage and experience of two important Italian family companies coexist with highly innovative elements. The result is a capsule collection with modern lines and innovative design, in which a spirit of sportiness asserts itself thanks to the modern, dynamic lines expressed in innovative materials, like aluminium, which render the glasses elegant, but also light and resistant. A unique, exclusive collection, destined to leave its mark, comprising 5 models with linear, uncluttered shapes. Eyeglasses that are transformed into objects of pure design: as functional and high quality as they are aesthetically beautiful, satisfying our hedonistic pleasure.

Modern lines and an innovative design combine with luxury materials to create the first capsule collection.

  • Mod. Leather - Injection moulded sunglasses with aerodynamic lines that recall the trim of the most luxurious sports cars. The narrow temples are enhanced by a leather insert that continues on the front along the rim, like the interior finishing details of a luxury car. The surfaced lenses are flush with the frame, making it elegant and unique. Available with shaded or mirror lenses, even in the colour combinations grey/brown, grey/black, anthracite/brown, opaque black/black and olive green/brown.

  • Mod. Rubber - There is a strong reference to the automotive world in these sunglasses, which have a transparent injection moulded base covered by a rubber sheath which partially embraces the front and continues along the tapered temples, leaving the tips uncovered. The reference to the car tyre is obvious. The interplay of lines and thicknesses that emerges is essential, but highly effective. This light, resistant model uses daring colour, injection-moulded in light blue or Bordeaux red. The surfaced lenses are shaded or mirrored.

  • Mod. Metal - A “cellu-metal” model in aluminium, which is light but highly resistant. An injected insert runs over the top rim -and along the temples. From the body a second metal insert runs parallel to the first, stopping just before the terminal to create a design “in motion”. On the front at the centre there is a third insert, also metal, in a colour that matches the second. Available with shaded surfaced lenses even with brown/camel, white/red, black/silver and blue/silver details.


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Luxury objects of pure design

The collaboration between De Rigo and Pininfarina is the perfect marriage of two Italian icons that share the same fundamental values: constant striving for exclusiveness, a passion for beauty, innovation that respects their roots and traditional allied with craftsmanship. On one hand is the De Rigo company, owner of the Lozza brand, which in just a few decades has built up a local business into one of the most important companies in the “crowded” spectacles market. And on the other is Pininfarina, which started in Turin and conquered the world of international design, creating true cult objects in various fields and not just the automotive.

An irresistible passion. For beauty

“Design and emotion combined with a strong Italian character are the distinctive elements of the Lozza by Pininfarina collection. We have created these models for people who love elegance combined with sportiness, for people who want to express their own character with strong styling, and for people who love and follow the Pininfarina style.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group

“We believe firmly in the union of two Italian brands with a strong global allure” stated. With the range designed by Pininfarina we intend to extend our control of the luxury market, serving sophisticated, demanding consumer.”

Michele Aracri, Managing Director De Rigo Group



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De Rigo Group
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