Pininfarina has designed the logo for Exclusive Brands Torino, the network set up by the Turin Industrialists’ Union to offer a selection of excellent businesses targeted support for the development and internationalisation of their up-market products and brand names.

The companies that founded Exclusive Brands Torino are an outstanding cross-section of the economic fabric in the region. Companies with a strong international vocation that stand out for the quality of their products and services, and share a select clientele.

The logo designed by Pininfarina sums up the identity of the Exclusive Brand Torino companies perfectly, their exclusive and unique nature, the strength of their names and their link with the territory.

Paolo Pininfarina’s creative mind has created a Mole Antonelliana transformed into a network, the perfect combination of networking and the territory, where a global vision encounters the spirit of quality Italian products

To create a group of companies that share a strong brand identity and international vision: this was the goal of Exclusive Brands Torino. The logo designed by Pininfarina, a Mole Antonelliana in the form of a network, defines the mission of the founding companies in its elegant, essential lines.

The brand becomes an opportunity to convey history and tradition, quality and determination. The graphical image of Exclusive Brands Torino symbolises the added value that the “top-of-the-range” businesses and brands represent for the economy of the region.

The Exclusive Brands Torino logo was designed by Pininfarina.

Exclusive Brands Torino is a project promoted by the Turin Industrialists Union, with a contribution from the Chamber of Commerce and the support of Ceipiemonte.

The founding companies are Allure/Estetica Network, Aurora, Azimut-Benetti, Bava Vini e Vigneti, Fisico, Gelati Pepino, Grappa Bosso, Guido Gobino Cioccolato, Mattioli, Pastiglie Leone, Cioccolato Peyrano, Pininfarina, Quagliotti and Tonatto.


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