Higold Headquarter, which will rise in Shunde, is an iconic, elegant complex where architectural elements, public spaces and products are integrated in a unique, strong identity. Pininfarina Architecture has authored the whole architectural project, from the façade design to the landscape.


The project takes its origin from the connection between two buildings – the main one dedicated to the offices and the other one used as a guesthouse – drawing inspiration from a poetic concept: a mother leading the way to her child, supporting him during the first steps of his life. The extension of the mother’s arm that reaches the child’s hand has been the driving element of the whole project, focused on the creation of a connection bridge. The iconicity of the building is enhanced by curtain walls that create a more shaded effect outwardly, thanks to a glazed double skin, and a more transparent surface internally.

This ensures, not only a better privacy for the executive offices, but also a great energy saving thanks to the air ventilation in the double skin that reduces the heating/cooling demand during all year. Nature is a focal point of the project, as demonstrated by an accurate landscape design, that penetrates the building itself. The “green” is a crucial architectural element that plays an important role in the perception of this office complex. The external green boundaries softly introduce visitors to the core areas of the property. Once inside, small suspended gardens, floating on water features, like lotus flowers, lead to the main lobbies that are located underneath the iconic linking element of the project: a glazed cantilever that protects the main entrance and hosts a spectacular outdoor green showroom on the roof.

A strong identity

The new Higold Headquarter is the first Pininfarina architectural project in China, conceived to be a full expression of the company’s key values: Creativity and Leadership.

“Pininfarina and Higold have been creating an elegant, outstanding project able to improve everyday life. The groundbreaking is planned for 2018 and we are very excited to see the final result of our partnership.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group Pininfarina

"We have been cooperating to make one the most creative landmark in Mainland China" says "We are proud of this iconic design and very glad to work together to make it real."

Alwin Ou, Chairman of Higold Group


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