Flexi embodies a new concept of door: it is the first ever flexible door, the standard bearer of the purest essentiality. A trailblazing project that combines the extensive experience acquired by Res in the design of interior doors with Pininfarina's elegance and unmistakable style.


Putting a prize on integration and flexibility, this innovative product is destined to change the very notion of door. By making use of an unprecedented technology, Wood-Skin® Inside, the product gets rid of the hinges and takes shape as an uninterrupted surface.

Innovation is the keyword: the body of the door becomes one with the jambs, generating a highly integrated system, made possible by a special milling technique that gives panels the ability to bend. With this process, rigid materials get a new life, as their form evolves from flat to three-dimensional, like an origami. Flexi explores new horizons for interior door design with all the elegance, the purity and innovative contents that come with Pininfarina's distinctive design.

The House. A place. A space. An environment all by design

Res is a new partner of Pininfarina Home Design, the home interiors according to Pininfarina. Pininfarina Home Design embodies Pininfarina's vision of interior space, which takes tangible form in a furniture collection and proposals for the different rooms of a home, combined with Pininfarina's capacity to design architectural interiors characterised by a unique, sophisticated and innovative style.


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