The tradition of innovation


The new capsule system Firma has made its entrance into the world of coffee breaks, bringing all the quality of Lavazza's authentic Italian espresso into the office. Pininfarina Design, efficiency, elegance, quality, modernity and tradition: these are the qualities that underline the value of Lavazza's new system. Firma is part of a tradition born more than 20 years ago, back in 1989 with the Espresso Point capsule system, which was later accompanied by Lavazza BLUE, a system that expanded the range to include automatic table-top and free-standing machines and which brought Italy's favourite coffee into every possible space, from offices through to railway stations. The innovative system was previewed at Venditalia 2012.


Touch and drink


Firma is thus an expression of Lavazza's commitment to the consumer, who is the real focus of the coffee experience even when it comes to the Vending sector. This explains why Lavazza has not only concentrated on the substance of the new system, but also on its form: the machines have an eye-catching design, capsule cases have been designed for the user's convenience, and extensive information about the product and dispensing methods can be found on the pack.


Two models are available:


- LF 1100, the smaller, compact machine of the new series with pre-set or manual dispensing, a steam spout for frothing and heating milk, and a double grid compatible with small or large cups;


- LF 2600 PLUS, with two canisters for soluble products (milk and chocolate), offering a wide range of dispensable beverages with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface featuring 8 selections and a backlit display. The LF 1100 and the LF 2600 PLUS also have a chip card which can not only be used as a decounter, but is also an easy and quick way to set the doses for each drink.


Unmistakable style and eye-catching design


With Firma, the Turin-based company continues to introduce novelties marked by quality, innovation and design:


- quality, guaranteed by a leading Italian company, active in the coffee industry for more than 115 years and which introduced the whole world to the excellence of real Italian espresso;


- innovation, thanks to the patented technology developed by Lavazza's R&D centre, now used in the office sector for the first time: the coffee in the Firma capsule is dosed and tamped just like a barista would do. The pressure inside the capsule is lower than the external pressure;


- design, thanks to the eye-catching style developed in partnership with Pininfarina, who has given its unmistakable stamp to the design of Lavazza's new Firma machines: a striking yet sinuous design to enhance a top quality Italian product.

A perfect mix of creativity and functionality





The historic partnership Lavazza-Pininfarina, started in 1993, brought, over the years, the birth of iconic machines, from the Espresso Point, produced for decades in three main versions, to the long serie of Lavazza BLUE, until the most recent Lavazza in Black. The winning factor of such a long-term partnership stands in the constant quest for innovative design elements: the look of the machine conveys a simple, clear style.



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