A sport and luxury car

For the first time in the history of large-calibre Ferraris, the new model did not have an abbreviation, but a proper name, which hearkened back to the legendary 1950s and surrounding years, when the racetracks of the world trembled at the power of the Ferrari “Testa Rossa”, named for the colour of paint (red) used on the cylinder heads of their engines. This model combines the brashness of a prototype and the refinement of a road car. Its production-oriented design has allowed an unexpectedly  large series to be built. The body was built in the Pininfarina plant in Grugliasco (Turin).


Comfortable with a unique design

The car features a very aggressive flowing shape, promptly identified by six long wide “indentations” on the side (air conveyors) which stress the rear mudguard as well as the entire door. Shifting the radiators from the front to the central part – like the F1 single-seater – has reduced the polar moment of inertia and the total weight of the car, allowing a fresh compartment and a bigger boot.

Car Design Award


The car made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show in 1984. The public hailed it as the “most beautiful car at the show”. At Auto Expo in Los Angeles in 1985 Pininfarina received the award from the show’s organizers for the Testarossa design: “Car Design Award 1985”.




Pininfarina Style and Engineering Centre
Cambiano (Turin)