The new “red” jewel

The Ferrari 458 Spider is the evolution of a previous, highly successful model, the two-seater 458 Italia berlinetta, which was also designed by Pininfarina. The project, which was developed over 4 years, from the initial brief to its concrete realisation, has produced a new model that extends the range of Ferrari 8-cylinder mid-rear engined models. It joins the successful 458 Italia, sharing the same uncompromising technologies, and the same exceptional handling and excellent performance. 


The 458 Spider is the first two-seater mid-rear engined car to be equipped with a fully retractable hard top made entirely of aluminium. The main advantage of this innovative solution, patented by Ferrari, is that it allows a saving of 25 kg in weight and takes just 14 seconds to open or close.

The hard top merges seamlessly into the styling of the car. It fits neatly in front of the engine bay, taking up a minimum of space. It does not compromise the excellent aerodynamics, to the benefit of overall performance, and also makes it possible to fit a convenient luggage shelf behind the two seats.


The form of the rear end of the 458 Spider is very innovative, with buttresses designed to optimise the air flow through the engine bonnet and the intakes of the clutch and transmission oil radiators. For maximum comfort when the roof is open, the 458 Spider is fitted with an efficient, electronically adjustable glass wind stop, which effectively distributes the air flows inside the passenger compartment, making it possible to hold a normal conversation at speeds above 200 km/h. 

Technology and High performance

The Pininfarina designers accepted a daring challenge when they first set out to design a new sports car for Ferrari, starting from the previous model, the 458 Italia coupé, which was hugely popular.

A key point, around which the project developed, was the client’s initial request to adopt a folding aluminium hard top instead of the conventional canvas roof. What might in principle have appeared a limitation proved on the contrary to be the impulse to develop new architectural and aesthetic forms that also had a positive impact on the car’s aerodynamics and practicality.

The Ferrari 458 Spider was designed by Pininfarina jointly with the Ferrari Style Centre, and it had its world preview at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.


Pininfarina Style and Engineering

Cambiano (Turin)


Ferrari Style Centre

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