High technology suitable for use by everyone

Desmotec launched its new and innovative range of machines for professional athlete training, functional rehabilitation and fitness designed by Pininfarina.

Innovation and design find full expression in the partnership established between Desmotec, a leader in the technologies for isoinertial training, athletic preparation, fitness and rehabilitation, and Pininfarina. Starting from the tradition and excellence of Italian design as embodied in the creations by Pininfarina, through an on-going search for new materials, and the careful conception and engineering of innovative patents, the Desmotec-Pininfarina project team has been able to create a new range of isoinertial machines combining a very attractive appearance with ease of use and maximum versatility, of interest to a multiplicity of sports disciplines, and suitable for use by everyone.


The synergistic work between these two realities of excellence has made it possible to redesign and restyle two isoinertial machines which are part of the D Line and V Line and are totally adaptable, highly innovative and feature an iconic style. The idea inspiring the restyled versions of these machines is movement: indubitably a key ingredient in the genetic makeup of Desmotec, but also a distinctive element of Pininfarina design and its long-term connotations of speed, sportiness and top performance. The attention of an onlooker is immediately captured by the disk in centre of the machine, around which all the other components gravitate. A vivid red, it represents the heart of the machine: the wheel whose rotary motion is transferred to all the other parts.

References to the automotive world find concrete expression in the presence of the motor, the expressive, motion generating element. Partially exposed, the mechanism is made even more visible and its visual impact is further enhanced by the protective guards arranged around it. Another aspect of great recognisability and character is the arm, present in both machines, with its enveloping design. Under the banner of continuity, it is a unique trait reconciling different requirements and functions in a clearly recognisable shape.

“Pininfarina's attention to sports has facilitated the collaboration with Desmotec, and the products arising from it embody the best know-how of both brands. In these new machines you can discern the key traits of Pininfarina's style: the search for an aesthetic synthesis, which, in cars and in objects for day-to-day use alike, always strives to combine beauty and functionality, form and technology”.

Paolo Pininfarina, CEO Pininfarina

DESMOTEC, an Italian company headquartered in Biella, is a leader in the technologies for isoinertial training, physical preparation, training and rehabilitation. DESMOTEC relies on its long-term relationships of collaboration with coaches of international standing (F.I.S.I. in primis), professional athletes, physicians, physiotherapists and entrepreneurs who believe in the sector. The basic idea behind DESMOTEC's activities is to propose to the market an innovative element that is based on solid scientific evidence, making it possible to monitor the parameter of the work performed in a context of training, rehabilitation and prevention: desmodromic technology.


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