Icons of creativity

On the occasion of the 130th  anniversary of the relations between Italy and Korea, the Seoul Living Design Fair, the main Korean Design Fair, celebrates Italian creativity and selects Pininfarina as the standard bearer of Italian Design. Pininfarina displays some of the icons which best express the evolution of its design. Four other companies, beyond Pininfarina, have been selected to represent the Made in Italy at Cortile Italia.

Snaidero, one of the most well-known and trusted brands on both the Italian and international markets, bolstered by the belonging to a group that represents the leading Italian player in Europe in the kitchen industry.
Visconti, the firm that is synonymous of extraordinarily elegant writing instruments coming from very intense historical and technological researches, fountain pens, rollers and ball-pens.
HSL, pioneers in realization of the exclusive products through the use of the Industrial 3D Printing technology.
The Bridge is a company founded as “Il Ponte Pelletteria”. It is focused on bags and leather accessories targeted to an high-end/luxury market. The society announced at Cortile Italy the partnership with Pininfarina to develop a new collection of leather goods. On display the first concept of the leather weekender of the Collection.

Garden of ideas


The booth, conceived by the Artistic Director Monica Moonjung Go as an Italian “Cortile”, the place that is traditionally the fulcrum of the community, has been shaped by Pininfarina as a space where people can meet to share and generate new ideas. A “garden of the ideas” in which the focal point is a tree, symbolic source of inspiration of all the projects that are here displayed and told. The main goal of the space is in fact to make the visitors live and experience the Italian design creating an itinerary through stories, products, meetings with people, stimulating the interactivity between the visitors and the exhibition. The booth has been named “Cortile Italia”.

Projects on display:


FERRA – LUXURY CONDO IN SINGAPORE – 2013 (1:150 scale model)
The Ferra is a 104 unit residential tower, around 102 meters high, for which Pininfarina has authored the complete project from the external architecture to the interior design, creating a new architectural language. The uniqueness of Ferra’s identity finds its origins in aesthetic elements coming from the Pininfarina car design heritage that, reinterpreted, represent a breakthrough in the architectural language.

PININFARINA SERGIO – 2013 (1:18 scale model)
The Sergio is a two-seater barchetta on Ferrari 458 Spider mechanicals that looks to the future, very compact, very sporty, racy, pure and sensual. Its exclusivity and development on the basis of a production car sets the Sergio in the tradition of the great Pininfarina custom - made cars specifically designed for "special" clients. Born to celebrate the Senator for Life Sergio Pininfarina, the man who led Pininfarina for 40 years and conceived some of the greatest car legends.

Cutting edge design and technology meet on the Orbital extending table, designed by Pininfarina with the Calligaris technical studio, which devised the ingenious opening mechanism. The rigid polyurethane column, which can be painted black or white, makes the structure extremely stable, while the large central opening gives it lightness and character.

Developing a range of armchairs and sofas for important, elegant waiting areas, for a wide range of uses ), was the goal reached with Pininfarina when the PF3 line was created. It is an object that combines outstanding design with elegantly concealed modularity offering endless possible combinations.

The innovative system of urban public transport Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) developed in collaboration with Vectus, Korean company, leader in urban mobility solutions. Vectus concept is based on a system of small, light and driverless vehicles, efficiently navigating on a network of interconnecting tracks. It is an on-demand service: the passengers are carried from one point to another on demand, without intermittent stops, optimizing travel time.

The Torch is a concentrate of the skills of Pininfarina, which was an Official Supplier of Torino 2006. The company was responsible for styling, engineering and manufacturing 12,000 numbered torches for  the Olympics and 150 for the Paralympics. Pininfarina produced a torch that was visible from a distance of 100 metres even in daylight, and resistant to rain, snow,  temperatures from –20°C to 25°C, wind up to 120 km/h, and altitudes of 5000 metres.

DINO 206 GT Coupé Speciale (1967) – 1:10 SCALE MODEL
The new “Dino”brand made its debut at the 1967 Turin Motor Show with this car, powered by a V6 engine, the fruit of a project developed personally by Dino Ferrari before his premature death. The mid-engined architecture was the model’s main innovation.
The styling is characterized by a longitudinal line that runs all along the car, terminating in the truncated tail. The groove on the side terminates in the air intake for the engine, one of the characteristics that combine style and practicality.

A journey in Pininfarina Design


Pininfarina will lead the design passionate in a journey through the different souls of the company: from the car to the transportation design, from the industrial design to the architecture and interiors. The 1967 Ferrari Dino 206 GT, the innovative mid-engined coupé, and the Sergio, the barchetta designed in 2013 to celebrate Sergio Pininfarina – here displayed in scale models -  are two of the highest expressions of car design, born from one of the most successful partnership in the car industry, the one between Ferrari and Pininfarina. 


The natural evolution to the design of the other means of transportation is here represented by the Vectus PRT, an innovative and eco-friendly system of urban public transport, whose first application is taking place in the nature reserve of the Bay of Suncheon, South Korea. The DNA matured in  transportation, a combination of elegance and functionality, found natural expression in the field of furniture as shown in the Calligaris Orbital table and in the Ares Line PF3 sofa, products able to conjugate beauty and innovation. The passage from furniture to architecture and interiors is here embodied by Ferra, the ultra-luxury condo in Singapore, awarded as “Object of Desire”. Desire and Iconicity are the features characterizing the symbol of Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, the Torch, which Pininfarina has designed, engineered, and manufactured in more than 12,000 units.



History and heritage


We are proud to have been selected to represent the Italian Design in Korea as our style is renowned as iconic in different fields. I believe that what really distinguishes Pininfarina is our history and heritage that has generated a unique DNA able to express innovative languages in different sectors from automotive to furniture, from luxury to architecture. A Pininfarina project is always recognizable as a combination of elegance, essentiality and innovation 


Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of  Pininfarina Group


“Cortile Italia” is the booth dedicated to Italy at the Seoul Living Design Fair 2014


Project by Design House (monthly Luxury, Happy)


Artistic direction by Monica Moonjung Go


Visual concept by Pininfarina


Video contents by IBE Retail srl


Interactive design by Alfio Pozzoni


At Cortile Italia on display the projects of Pininfarina, Snaidero, The Bridge, Visconti and HSL



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