Two exclusive models designed and developed by Pininfarina were presented on the Chery stand at the 2007 Shanghai International Motor Show: the A3, a 3-box, 4-door segment C production saloon, developed between late 2004 and early 2006; and the A3 Sport, a working prototype hatchback. 


The lines of the A3 recall the silhouette of a coupé. The interior gives the impression of lightness, comfort and simplicity. The central part of the console opens upwards, creating a sort of ‘sail’ that divides the facia into three parts with very distinct shapes and colours. The car rests on a floorpan that was developed expressly by Pininfarina. All the components of the exterior and interior bodywork and the suspension were developed and engineered internally, and the company also carried out the mathematical modelling, the prototyping and the virtual validation.

Changes were made to the interior of the A3 sport to highlight its sporty character; they regarded the seats in particular, which are more sculpted, with highlighted overstitching, and the door panels, which have a more aggressive, more dynamic line. Pininfarina also performed all the engineering development of this car, producing a perfectly functioning prototype. 

The goal of the A3 project was to create a European-looking car with a simple, compact external and internal design. The A3 Sport on the other hand, was designed for a younger, more dynamic motorist who is always on the move. The two models share the same floorpan, front and doors, while the treatment of the rear end differs.

The A3 and the A3 Sport are the fruit of collaboration that dates back to 2005, when Pininfarina and Chery began working together in the design and engineering field, to develop various versions and configurations of cars in different segments.


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