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Costa Coffee, a leading international coffee house chain, announced collaboration with Pininfarina on the CEM-200 Marlow Self-Serve Espresso Bar at the National Retail Federation "Big Sow 2013" in New York.
With over 250 fresh coffee and milk drink options and a fully immersive 5-sense user experience, Marlow represents a quantum leap in vending, offering consumers a barista-quality coffee experience in an area of only one square meter.

Impeccable style, exceptional ease of use


Pininfarina wrote a story around the concession able to replicate the atmosphere of the Costa stores, creating a sense of familiarity in the consumer. The design concept is characterized by sinuous lines conveying an elegant look reminiscent of the automotive world. The curving traits suggest the cut of the coffee beans and the S of the Costa logo - creating therefore a trait-d’union with the world of coffee and the one of Costa. The colours used – black for coffee and red for Costa – make the message even stronger and more consistent. Great attention was paid to the usability of the machine to guarantee a simple and intuitive selection process, an efficient and quick experience able to make the consumer feel comfortable. The service shelf, shaped as a dashboard, is spacious and inviting. All of the consumable elements, such as cups, sugar and stirrers, are very easy to reach in order to make the customer experience quick and simple. Beyond the excellence in design, the project is also highly technologically advanced thanks to the team work of Atomhawk, Bsquare, Costa, eMixPro, Givaudan, Global Capital Advisors, Intel, Perspectives, Thermoplan, Verwo-Aquacut.

A network of partners


“Being part of such an excellent network of partners is a source of pride for Pininfarina. Advanced technology, iconic design, easiness of use are elements marking the project. The result is a product expressing the true spirit of Pininfarina's style”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group


"Pininfarina has given Marlow not only a timeless design, but also a soul. It has been a highlight to work with such an exceptional team"

Eric Achtmann, Program Director & Architect


"We are proud to be working with Pininfarina - with Marlow, the rules of vending have changed forever"

Jim Slater, Managing Director, Costa Enterprises


Partners: Atomhawk, Bsquare, Costa, eMixPro, Givaudan, Global Capital Advisors, Intel, Perspectives, Thermoplan, Verwo-Aquacut




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