A new training centre has been created in Trofarello, outside Turin, the interior of which was designed by Pininfarina Extra.

For many years, the building has housed the offices and Academy Market experimental laboratory of CEAN, a service company that specialises in the design and construction of supermarkets and stores. It now includes “Insegna”, an ultramodern, well equipped training centre, which will organise training, involvement and motivation courses for point-of-sale personnel. 


The architecture of the centre is dominated by the colour white, and soft, sinuous walls. Even the structure of the reception area and the bar counter are curvilinear. The generous window area makes the interior very light, thanks also to the light wooden floor and aluminium finishing details.

The heart of the building is the conference room, which is equipped with an innovative lighting system, and Xten chairs from the Ares Line designed by Pininfarina around the conference table. The demonstration areas are equipped with cooler units designed by Pininfarina for Pastorfrigor. 

This project offered Pininfarina an important opportunity to boost its corporate and professional competence, in an environment that blends perfectly with the company’s history: design and engineering applied to new sectors and new manufacturing contexts. 

The “Insegna” project embodies Pininfarina’s talent and experience: designers studied and analysed all the functional problems of the spaces that have to meet the many needs of the people who frequent a training centre, carrying out detailed analysis of the environment, the colours and materials to use, and making masterly use of lighting.


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