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Orbital is the extendable table in transparent glass designed by Pininfarina Extra for Calligaris, a leader in the home design market, which conceived and designed the ingenious opening mechanism. Thanks to its fluid lines and the materials employed, Orbital is a striking presence in the domestic environment. Its unique styling and unmistakable elegance make it the star of the dining-room. In 2011 Orbital was designated the "Interior Innovation Award Winner 2012", one of the most prestigious awards in the worldwide furnishing sector, by the German Design Council.


Orbital was designed and developed with a solid, harmonious base: the rigid polyurethane column which can be painted black or white, makes the structure extremely stable, while the large central opening gives it lightness and character.

The new highly transparent glass top reveals the ingenious automatic opening mechanism with its metal arms. This uncluttered, minimalist system supports the two glass extensions which open simultaneously from under the table with a fluid, circular movement.

Fully open, the table can accommodate ten seats. All the metal parts are painted with the new Matt Silver finish, with an opaque silvery effect that enhances the whole.

Base painted matt silver

Column polyurethane painted opaque black, opaque white or glossy white

Top transparent ultra-clear tempered glass

Measurements in cm L 165 (255) x W 105 - H 75 cm

Projected into the future


The innovative extending table designed by Pininfarina Extra was previewed at the Milan International Furniture Fair in April 2011. When the company entered into the collaboration with Calligaris, its goal was to create a masterpiece of form and practicality to extend the living space.

Orbital is the fruit of the art and mastery of the Pininfarina Extra designers who worked closely with experts from Calligaris to define the specifications of this table, which is a true example of style but also of practicality.


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