A flame that lights the Games


After the Torch, another icon of Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games born by the creativity of Pininfarina. It was assembled and raised outside the Olympic Stadium the highest Cauldron of the five circle history, guardian of the Olympic Flame during the Games. A true work of art, after the Games it became one of the new symbols of the city of Turin.

The Cauldron is the highest ever in the Olympic history


The Cauldron, lit during the opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, is 57 meters high and the highest ever in the Olympic history. It is composed by five tubular structures with a 60 centimetres diameter and a total circumference of 3 meters diameter.


The Cauldron was designed by Pininfarina. As Official Supplier it is also in charge of the design, the engineering and the production of the Torino 2006 Olympic Torch. In particular, 12.000 numbered units for the Olympic Games and 150 units for the Paralympic Games.

Pure energy and competitive tension


"The creative project was based on the desire to represent, in one single object, the tension of the Olympic challenge: five load-bearing columns will be launched forcefully upwards, representing the values of the Olympic Spirit. In the race towards the sky, the competitive tension will generate a torsion, pure energy that will immediately transform itself into the Flame".


Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra


Industrial design