The CAMBIANO 2011 is the new chronograph developed jointly by Bovet 1822 and Pininfarina Extra.

The CAMBIANO 2011 combines a sporty design with prestige mechanics, a true gem of technology and aesthetics which has rapidly established itself as the benchmark for fans of luxury timepieces.

The CAMBIANO 2011 features a combination of volumes united by a succession of curves and sharp angles: an architectural composition structured around contrasting finishes and surface treatments chosen with meticulous attention to detail.

The superbly proportioned convertible case allows the timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, a miniature desk watch, a pocket watch or a sporty stopwatch. The controls, whose shape recalls that of an accelerator, are arranged symmetrically on either side of the suspension arm at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock in the best Bovet styling tradition.

This positioning guarantees perfect ergonomics regardless of the configuration in which case is used.

The Bovet craftsmen employed all their skill and experience to faithfully reproduce the idea and vision of the Pininfarina Extra designers, producing a dial with an unparalleled technical complexity.

The CAMBIANO 2011 chronograph is the ideal successor to the Tourbillon OTTANTA, which Bovet developed with Pininfarina Extra to celebrate Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary.

The result is a project that combines design and precision mechanics, a complete watch with superb functions and details.

The CAMBIANO 2011 inherits the aesthetic codes of the previous model by Pininfarina, with the addition of a sporty spirit underpinned by elegant practicality.

With 35 components distributed over five levels, the chronograph meets all the brand’s constructive criteria without cutting any corners in terms of design, volumes, legibility and sportiness.

The partnership between Pininfarina Extra and the prestigious Swiss company Bovet 1822 was launched with the project for the Tourbillon OTTANTA chronograph. The CAMBIANO 2011 therefore confirms and strengthens the collaboration between the two companies, which work together to realise a common vision of design and luxury. 


Pininfarina Extra

Cambiano (Torino)



Bovet 1822

109 Pont-du-Centenaire




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