The Maserati Birdcage 75th is a concept car with extreme lines and performance that aims to achieve maximum impact on the public’s imagination.

It is a futuristic extension of the Maserati brand which glorifies and reinforces the strong heritage of Maserati design.

A visionary project and the technological synthesis of three large companies: Pininfarina, Maserati and Motorola.

With the Birdcage 75th, Pininfarina returns to the idea of the pure dream car, the synthesis of a vision that combines exclusive design, sporty DNA and technological innovation.

The Birdcage 75th is a hi-tech sculpture in movement, which evokes an imaginary but possible future, paying tribute to the strong, distinctive characteristics of the Trident brand.

The concept car is based on the racing chassis of the Maserati MC12, the ultimate expression of speed, sensuality and elegance. The contrast between the organic fluidity of the aerodynamics and the stringent tension of the engineering creates a unique dynamism rarely seen before.

The central cell is divided into two parts: a transparent upper part and a lower part that acts as a structural aerodynamic sideskirt. The generous upper surface not only guarantees excellent visibility for its occupants, but also reveals the Maserati engineering so that it can be admired by everyone.

The result is a strong, elegant line which, just one metre high, gives the impression of movement even when it is stationary. The nose culminates in the oval mouth with low horizontal eyes on either side.

The vehicle interior plays an important role in the visual impact and in the historical bond with Maserati. Consistent with the overall concept of the car, the interior is an extension of the body itself, seamlessly incorporated into the carbon fibre chassis.

Two worlds successfully meet at the centre of the car: future-oriented technology by Motorola combined with the pure Maserati genes. The transparent head-up display reveals the car’s intelligent heart, updated to reflect its environment and connected to the future. The Birdcage 75th extends the concept of car/user interface by means of a navigator mounted at the centre that allows the driver to navigate through a customised array of functions and menus.

The cameras positioned on the car make it possible to share the driving experience with others, while the images projected by infrared cameras on the transparent head-up display enhance the experience of night-time driving.

The Birdcage 75th is an application of seamless mobility by Motorola. The technologies incorporated into the concept car realise this vision, using payment systems, an iPen and a mobile router, exploiting protection screens for man-machine communication.

Return to the future

To mark the 75th anniversary of its foundation, Pininfarina decided to give free rein to its creative spirit, returning to an extreme sports prototype. This project links up ideally with the Italian Renaissance of car design, which began in the Fifties and continued in the following two decades. It was a period of optimism and unbounded creativity, that produced some of the loveliest and most surprising cars in the world.

The Maserati Birdcage 75th was born with the objective of setting new stylistic and technical frontiers, starting with the Maserati V12 that delivers over 700 bhp, ideally close to the racing car world.

This is combined with unprecedented aerodynamic research and a futuristic design for the interior, which emerges as a real extension of the car itself.

The project also stands out for a strong blend of design and technology, the fruit of joint work by Pininfarina Extra and Motorola. Pininfarina’s vision of design takes concrete shape in the application of Motorola’s vision of seamless mobility, producing a concept car that is ahead of the field. 

The Birdcage 75th project was the fruit of collaboration between Maserati, Pininfarina, Pininfarina Extra and Motorola. 




“Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award” (2006)

“Best Concept” Geneva Motor Show (2005)

“L’automobile più bella del mondo” (2005)


Pininfarina Design and Engineering

Cambiano (Turin)



Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2005