Aesthetic and functionality


Arexons, a company leader in the conception and production of chemical products for the maintenance of the car, presents the new Airtech designed by Pininfarina, the first fragrance able to combine aesthetic and functionality.


A fragrance hitech









Created by the Arexons experience and Pininfarina creativity, the product fosters an innovative ventilation of the passenger compartments thanks to its unique design and its "T" filter structure.










Applied to the air vents, air enters in Airtech and, hitting several times the filter impregnates it with perfume. The side racks conform the fragrance diffusion, ensuring its expansion trough out the car, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the car.


Creativity and enthusiasm


"I responded with enthusiasm to Arexons challenge because I wanted to cooperate to the creation of this absolutely innovative fragrance for car. The product plugs a gap in the market, transforming with style an accessory in a part of the passenger compartment equipment"


Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman and CEO Pininfarina Extra



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