A sports car to enjoy

Built for the motorist who still likes to dream in his car. The motorist looking for a mixture of vanity and entertainment, who enjoys life in the open air. The motorist who loves icons as the highest expression of the age he lives in. The motorist who sees the car as an uncommon sensory experience. Or one who wants to be excited by a dynamic, sporty car that transmits to observers the exclusiveness and refinement typical of the Alfa Romeo sports cars designed by Pininfarina. For all these people, we now present the 2uettottanta. It is a car that expresses the inexhaustible creativeness and genius of Italian craftsmanship. An icon of styling and elegance all over the world, which received the prestigious Car Design of the Year Award in 2010.


Like the best Alfa Romeo sports cars designed by Pininfarina, the 2uettottanta makes driving more enjoyable, underlining the emotion of being at the wheel of an open car with a great aesthetic personality.

With its brilliant red paintwork typical of Alfa Romeo, the 2uettottanta is a two-seater inspired by the 1750 Veloce of 1968. The design highlights the elements of simplicity, agility and harmony with light, sleek, refined volumes and dynamic, sporty proportions.

The front underlines Alfa’s true character: the Alfa Romeo shield is prominent at the centre, and seems to spring outwards from the heart of the car, in Pininfarina’s futuristic, three-dimensional interpretation. On either side are the two triangular lateral air intakes. The windscreen was designed as a hand-beaten aluminium ring, and it emerges from the body of the car without interrupting the overall effect.

The front lights, which adopt the latest LED technology, are set below the line that gives character to the whole car. A carbon strip in the lower part of the front acts as an air splitter, channelling the air towards the rear of the car.

The side view highlights the flowing effect of the body and the way the forms blend naturally. It is made all the more dynamic by the horizontal line “cut” into the sides, which starts from the front wheel arch and extends all the way to the rear wheel arch. The surfaces are smooth, essential and soft even at the rear end, whose styling echoes that of the front.

Great attention went into the car’s overall aerodynamics, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and respect of the environment, but also into the design of the interior: the result is a roomy, comfortable passenger compartment, with light, dynamic volumes that envelop the occupants in a strong, reassuring embrace.

The facia evolves smoothly towards the sides merging into the doorways, and is the natural extension of the body of the car, creating perfect symbiosis between the exterior and the interior. The dashboard has a driver-oriented set-up, with an innovative interpretation of the classic round Alfa Romeo “tubes” that contain the instruments. The Alfa DNA selector lever is positioned anatomically on the transmission tunnel, adapting the car’s set-up to the driver’s needs and to driving conditions.

Another striking element of the interior is the steering wheel, which is a modern rereading of the Duetto’s three-spoke perforated steering wheel, incorporating a shift paddle for the sequential control of the dual clutch transmission. An enjoyable drive and comfort are guaranteed by the sporty, anatomical seats. And finally, the size and design of the tyres, which were created specifically for the 2uettottanta in collaboration with Dunlop, accentuate the impression of a strong personality and power given by the car.

The numbers:

Width: 1797 mm

Length: 4212,6 mm

Height: 1280 mm

Wheelbase: 2500 mm


Projected into the third Millennium

The 2uettottanta name evokes the legendary Duetto and celebrates Pininfarina’s years of activity. This concept car was launched to set off the celebrations for the company’s 80th anniversary, and had its world preview at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.


With the start of the new Millennium, the 2uettottanta reflects Pininfarina’s determination to look to the future with optimism while respecting tradition, confirming the company’s excellence in design and its acknowledged capacity for aesthetic innovation and technology. But it is also a tribute to Alfa Romeo, which celebrated its centenary in 2010.

The collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina is one of the most important and durable in the history of the car. Founded on men and on passion, on design and on cutting-edge technical solutions, it has generated an inestimable heritage of good-looking, innovative cars with plenty of temperament. And a predilection for sports cars and convertibles.

The 2uettottanta embodies all this.

When they designed this car, the creative team allowed themselves carte blanche to express the values of the sports car “by Pininfarina”, and to grasp the spirit of Alfa in the set-up, the proportions and the conception of this gem, as well as in the styling itself.


Pininfarina Design and Engineering

Cambiano (Turin)



Debut at Geneva Motor Show 2010